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About Us

KALM Technologies is a recognized leader in the development and production of diamond compounds and suspensions  for lapping and polishing. We have a unique know - how in the field of polishing and cover all the needs related to abrasive polishing in the industry.

Our products are successfully used for: 

  • Polishing of Molds

  • Polishing of Diamonds

  • Polishing of optical wafers and lenses

  • Optoelectronic  Polishing

  • Finish of Mechanical Parts


We have polishing solutions for:

  • Steels

  • Cemented carbide

  • Titanium

  • Brass

  • Bronze

  • Aluminium

  • Copper

  • Minerals

We started operations in 1998 with the mission to develop, manufacture and market polishing materials for the optical and diamond industry.
Gathering more than 15 years experience in producing of polishing compounds and slurries we opened a new production facility in Houston, TX in 2011 and renamed it to KALM Technologies, LLC.

Our products give:

  • higher level of finish

  • finer roughness

  • minimal  time of the polishing process


Our products allow to get a finish (brightness, mirror polished) of the surfaces to respond to any technical objectives. The obtained surface is characterized by low roughness (Ra 0.01 for metals and Ra <0.001 for diamond surface) and brightness that is visually checked by microscope. 

As a manufacturer that has a wide practical expertise we are able to supply state of the art products at competitive prices providing technical support and assistance.

We are constantly expanding our product lines and services and always prepared to produce a product that will meet customer’s requirements. For product information please send your inquiry to:

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