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Compounds for  Polishing of Molds and Dies

Our company is a leader in the manufacture of high quality diamond compounds for polishing of steel and

other hard metals. 

Our pastes are extensively used in mold and die lapping and polishing. They are very efficient, give brilliant finishes without a loss in cutting quality and size.

They features pretty small tolerances on particle size and distribution. Our compounds give fast

polishing time and fewer steps are required to achieve the outstanding result. They give fast cutting action

and can be thinned with our cream for dilution.

Out compounds are oil  and water soluble and are produced with  synthetic, natural or polycrystalline diamonds 

according to customer's requirements.

Our compounds are color coded in all of our powder types.

Packaged in 6 gram, 12 gram and 18 gram disposable syringes. Jars are possible as well.

Other micron grades are possible.

Precision Finishing


Preparatory Finishing



OS-oil soluble

WS-water soluble

Concentration: heavy 

Made in USA

Stock Removal

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