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Compounds for Polishing

of Molds and Dies

polishing Diamonds dust

Powders for Cutting

Compounds for molds


Congo Cubes , Rough Natural Diamonds

About KALM Technologies

KALM Technologies, LLC specializes in development  and production of  diamond compounds for precision polishing and lapping.

Since 1998 our team has provided materials and services to major diamond polishing factories and high-tech companies producing and polishing optical components.

Our products are successfully used for polishing of molds and dies, polishing of natural, CVD and HPHT diamonds for jewelry, single crystal diamond tools and optical parts. We manufacture compounds for polishing of soft optical crystals, for finishing polishing of sapphires, rubys, silicone carbide, yttrium aluminium garnet and others.

As a manufacturer that has a wide practical expertise we are able to supply state of the art products at competitive prices providing technical support and assistance.

We are far more than a manufacturer of polishing materials.

We are a partner to our customers and work together with our customers to develop polishing solutions that will bring technical and economical success.

We are constantly expanding our product line and services and always prepared to produce a product that will meet customer requirements.

We are  also a distributor of high  quality diamond powders in various mesh/micron sizes.

All our products are made in USA.

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